Saturday, June 30, 2007

Kaiju and Nick:)

First hand experience working on KAIJU BIG BATTLE from NICHOLAS DES JARDINS, an integral member of the Kaiju force:)

"Really any live show is going to be fun. There is so much build up to them with writing scripts, matches and practicing, and building buildings, props, sets, and costumes, and so much stress over how the show will go. When it all begins and Louden begins his introduction, this adrenaline rush of calm washes over, and it doesn't leave till the fans do. I mean the calm doesn't mean that I'm not running around backstage yelling at people waving about monster hands and heads, as I shove them out into the spotlight, but a calm to my nervousness of... will the fans like us/get us."

"As for more in-depth sort of info, shows usually involve at least a month of set up before hand. On the day of we load in, set up the ring, set up backstage, have matches walk throughs and whatever other practice people feel they need, a final talk through and wait nervously as an opening band usually plays."

"My favorite monster is Gomi-Man. He is big, so impressive, he's a bad guy so more fun to play (you get to drench people in "toxic sludge"), and one of the few costumes that I feel have an expression on their face. He is also made of "trash" so the easiest and most fun to repair."

thanks for everything nick!

:)-r KG!

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