Monday, June 18, 2007

last friday, june 15th Rubulad loft party (brooklyn) + KG news

ok, news update
The Kid Ginseng track featuring Paul of Hope has been recorded. we had a great time in the session and in addition to his voice, he contributed lyrics. The 3 layer, harmonized crew vocals sound illmad rad. expect it to be on my MYSPACE, mixed and mastered within the next 2 weeks:) take a minute and check out Paul's band SIGNS OF HOPE positive attack,GO!

Moving along,
The Rubulad party had a great ambience. it all took place in a multi-room, 2 story loft, plus a rooftop. at first, the ornate decorating made me think it would be a hippie party, but no. it was a diverse DIY, and fun crown. There were 2 rooms with stages for bands, and then 2 DJ rooms.

The main dancefloor seemed to start off with funk/soul, then disco. and around 2 or 3am some moroder stuff came on! That is when I danced:) sorry funk/soul, I need arpeggios. then around 4-5am there was techno. it sounded good and i danced but the deep quality of the italo vinyl definately won. in the other room, the DJ seemed to play punk/hardrock like joan jet or the Slits.

one highlight of the party was the "igloo." it is a structure near the main dancefloor which is made out of paper mache, and lots of pillows. there are little nooks that you can climb inside. there is a bottom-floor nook, a 2nd story nook, and then the top of the igloo where one can watch the dancefloor. This tiny chillout area is where you are forced to meet people, which is a pretty cool idea. I liked it:)

the DJs consisted of:
Gimme Gimme Dan
Marty Violence
Sports Casual
B Dub
Justin Carter

The party is located on:
Flushing ave. between Classon and Taaffee
L train to Bedford ave. B61 bus on Driggs to Flushing ave.
then left under BQE. Rubulad is on your right just past the gas station

you can find out about Rubulad and more at DJ SMALLCHANGE.COM

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