Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Favorite '07 hXc shows!

Hot Cross

WOW! so much to catch up on! Im going to list some bands I've seen in '07, so far. I don't go to every show but I have my favorite bands. let's start with last january. I saw HOT CROSS at ABC NO RIO in manhatten. here is the link to Billy Werner's blog he does vocals:) I appreciate his love of dance music. I later saw them again at Cake Shop with TRANSISTOR TRANSISTOR, because I couldn't get enough. as far as LEVEL-PLANE goes, I basicaly missed out on alot of innovative hardcore in the the 90's (while I was obscessed with DJ battling) anyway, Hot Cross replaced others as my favorite current band besides MODERN LIFE IS WAR It was my second time seeing them. I loved 538 JOHNSON. A brooklyn band that I've seen a few times is DEAR TONIGHT The track from the new record is recorded well:) the snares sound punchy.

you can see Dear Tonight this weekend june 16th at 538 johnson. it's a benefit for ABC no rio.

that's all for now:) next I am going to feature a few bands that I have played with...recently.

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