Friday, November 28, 2014

Ausramp Kraftjerkz 018

Niko Marks & Robin Des Iles aka Kid Ginseng team up for some old school techno. 3 tracks for cruising on the autobahn, then they take the Ausramp into a territory many have traveled as they break down some cliches.

  Vinyl available at Clone Digital available at Bandcamp

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Zarkoff / Honored Matres - Pannonia Noir/ 12" vinyl out now.

Artwork: Liz Wendelbo (Xeno and Oaklander) / 3 variant signed and numbered art prints for the first 90 copies. After that, the image will repeat.
Kraftjerkz 017
Croatia is producing some very top class artists making records for
both europian and american labels such as Creme, Clone, Frigio, and
Kraftjerkz. Aside from being solo artists, Zarkoff founded Florence
Foster Fan Club with producer, Le Chocolat Noir. This time they have
made separate solo tracks for Kraftjerkz with Zarkoff on one side and
Honored Matres (Chocolat.) on the other, featuring diva singer,
Anshie. While Zarkoff has produced some sort of dark Jack tracks,
Honored Matres has chosen a style between europian electro and minimal
electronics. Both tracks have a similar production quality born deep
in the Zagreb freak parties.

Vinyl available at Crosstalk International

Digital available at Bandcamp