Monday, January 17, 2011

Tom Tom Club on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

photo: Lloyd Bishop/NBC

it was a really refreshing experience. I've been the turntablist for Tom Tom Club since '02. Jimmy Fallon was a gentleman and knew the groove in his head and body. The Roots were very appreciative and supporting. I heard from a friend that it was strange watching from the audience without the camera zooms and pans that make for TV magic. I wasn't very nervous since I didn't drink as much coffee as usual and I thought to myself about the really laid back people I know, without looking dead (ha!). and stared at my band-mates to make sure my cues were on point, in the 2 tracks we played. especially "Wordy Rappinghood." NONE of the music gear was broken or anything:) phew...

best wishes for the rest of the new year:)

:)-Kid Ginseng