Friday, November 5, 2010

Kraftjerkz 005 Entro Senestre/Kid Ginseng/MANASYt

Entro Senestre "Ride The Faderz" by Kraftjerkz

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label design by Tiffany Pilgrim

The fifth release from Kraftjerkz is the deepest by ass-shaking cross between Kraftwerk and a John Carpenter soundtrack featuring drum rhythms ala Computer World. This 12” features a roster of artists such as MANASYt, who’s austere sounds have been featured on labels like The Hague’s Bunker, and Entro Senestre of W.T. Records. Senestre’s track is even influenced by New Orleans producer, Mannie Fresh as well as New York’s latin Freestyle. Tom Tom Club’s Kid Ginseng made his vinyl debut in 2007 with his “Gift to Connect” ep which was circulated mostly around France and the UK. All three of these artists have been played by the Dutch west-coast’s Intergalactic FM. Kraftjerkz-005 will planet-rock any size room it’s played in.

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Yellow Beach Balls "Babak Sabouri EP" 12" on Kraftjerkz

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Kraftjerkz KJ-004
label design by Tiffany Pilgrim with drawing by Haley at

People from all around the world produce beautiful tracks using vintage gear. Yellow Beach Balls, a dance producer from Washington DC, is one of them. He is obviously absorbed in a time period before the end of the 1980’s when people were still into their classic Roland gear. Not only the sound, but his composition skills are finely developed as well. On his 12” “Babak Sabouri EP” he provides three italian influenced, banging club tracks as well as a more contemplative, melodic track which still maintains a driving beat. To preserve this style, please play these tracks to children after they’ve heard Limal’s “Neverending Story” Moroder production.

:)-robin KG!