Friday, December 9, 2011

Kraftjerkz-010 DJ Quest & DJ 2 Fresh / Luke Eargoggle & Johan Inkinen

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Various Artists

Kraftjerkz Number Ten

DJ Quest & DJ 2 Fresh / Luke Eargoggle & Johan Inkinen

Electro Pilot/ Pray To Belong


Features DJ Quest and DJ 2 Fresh of San Francisco's Mission Cartel with fast scratching and edits, electrofunk megamix style.  Plus purist electro from Sweden by Luke Eargoggle and Johan Inkinen of Stilleben and Kust labels. The record also features dub versions on side B to create your own remix using two copies.

DJ Quest of Bullet Proof Scratch Hamsters/Space Travelers set multiple standards for what would become the 90's turntablist movement including pressing the first battle record tool with DJ Eddie Def and DJ Cue in ‘93.

label design: Leslie Burnett

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Luke Eargoggle/Johan Inkinen/240 Interceptor/Kid Ginseng

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Aviators V/A

Label Design by Tiffany Pilgrim.

Flight 007 will be arriving on schedule. The Kraftjerkz Aviators meet as Sweden’s Luke Eargoggle, Johan Inkinen, 240 Interceptor, and the American Kid Ginseng. The first order of business is the Swedish “Autopilot.” Let the bassed-up crowd find delicate layers a la Faceless Mind amidst of our favorite “Numbers” beat. Kid Ginseng makes a 150 bpm “Computer World” turn with “X-1 Speed of Sound.” There is a bonus beat on side B, stripped, drums-only. When recently aired on Intergalactic FM, The Hague’s I-F slipped when he said the record was probably from Gothenburg etc. We enjoyed that. Flying private, commercial, or government aircraft becomes a mere subject when the launch of Flight 007 affirms that this soundtrack is, in fact, both below and above the clouds. Don't be late.

Kid Ginseng "I Said I'd Take You to China, 2011"

Kid Ginseng "I Said I'd Take You to China, 2011" by Kraftjerkz

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Kraftjerkz Megamix '11

Kid Ginseng "Kraftjerkz Megamix '11" by Kraftjerkz

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Kid Ginseng mixes, cuts, and scratches together a brand new five minute megamix with vinyl from the Kraftjerkz label. 133 bpm turntable production. some ghetto robotics in the house with electrofunk for 2011.

contains samples from:
Kid Ginseng "Stun Gun"
Yellow Beach Balls "Funwave"
Entro Senestre "Ride The Faderz"
Kid Ginseng "I Said I'd Take You to China"
Mike Dextro "Dirt Rock"
MANASYt "Enemies of Reality"

Monday, January 17, 2011

Tom Tom Club on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

photo: Lloyd Bishop/NBC

it was a really refreshing experience. I've been the turntablist for Tom Tom Club since '02. Jimmy Fallon was a gentleman and knew the groove in his head and body. The Roots were very appreciative and supporting. I heard from a friend that it was strange watching from the audience without the camera zooms and pans that make for TV magic. I wasn't very nervous since I didn't drink as much coffee as usual and I thought to myself about the really laid back people I know, without looking dead (ha!). and stared at my band-mates to make sure my cues were on point, in the 2 tracks we played. especially "Wordy Rappinghood." NONE of the music gear was broken or anything:) phew...

best wishes for the rest of the new year:)

:)-Kid Ginseng