Thursday, June 14, 2007

Crystal Castles FUN party @ Studio B 5/25/07

photo by Stuart Pillinger

So, when I saw CRYSTAL CASTLES weeks ago at Studio B I felt very comfortable. I missed seeing ADULT. there earlier this year due to crunch-time recording:( Anyway, Crystal Castles had stage presence due to their singer (alice?) doing NON-STOP jumping/jogging. The syllables were spaced in a way which allows her to move her body while shouting. at this show it was a 3-piece with a live drummer. so he was there along with singer, and hunched sequencer/programmer dude (ethan?). the singer had on a "T-Ball" childrens shirt, along with stretch jeans, but MORE important was the strobe-light! I believe it was the Bangers spinning. I didn't study the DJ's hard enough but dancing when that shit dropped was really fun. there was a moment of loud disonance that I remember. so I had a great night. special even. I was with my friend KELLY HERESY. in '05 we put together a HONG KONG COUNTERFEIT and THE MR MOVE show. He's got some europian dates! sick bra.

Anyway, here is youtube footage from the studio B may 25th show!


so...more up-to-date info about artists, and KID GINSENG will be coming soon!

:)-r KG!




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omeed said...

crystal castles are really sick
they are on my list of bands to see in the next year