Thursday, May 22, 2008

Salut to the Liege scene! 5/14/08

I had an amazing time in Liege, Belgium,thanks to my hosts, Nell, and Shaken. I Played with Brussels' Velvet Underwear and Leviathan. Then, a rad DJ set with Nell mixing 130bpm planet-rock beats, as Atone joins to add fast, but grooving skratching. Shaken also did a set with dubstep at the very end. Earlier that night, I walked with Shaken to the radio station for a promotional spot, thanks to Shaken's friend (please tell me your name again.) The show at la Factory was a blast and I spent the night at R-Mit's appartment. He makes hard, 8-bit influenced tekno. The next day I went to the Timeless Network shop and hung out with Bioxyd. Some of the other DJ's I met were Shore, who is part of Party Harders, and Symptome who loves music to be "dark and darker."


KG and Nell!

on stage


train sation:)

sold 15 records, not bad:)

thanks to Nell and the people reading this:)


:)-r KG!

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andrew octopus said...

One of these days we will do a show together. Respect always...