Saturday, September 1, 2007


First of all,
the Kid Ginseng track "We Sleep On Floors" is mixed and mastered. The whole track went through Neve eq's from the 1970's for a warm-as-hell sound quality. you can listen to it HERE

Kid Ginseng, Den Haag '06 w/Chicks on speed

no, I'm not in a metalcore band:) I make electro influenced by the west coast of holland sound (BUNKER RECORDS). also electrofunk from new york and california 1982-1989. some italo disco. and the way Suicide was recorded. recent influences include MAGAS from ADULT.'s old label, Ersatz Audio. a few years ago I found out about DJs like Stel-R. he holds down the entire Bruxhell electro/punk scene is Belgium. other influences of mine include a few types of hardcore. my favorite bands right now are SIGNS OF HOPE, DEAR TONIGHT, MODERN LIFE IS WAR, and Im about to order the new RUINER record from Bridge Nine. I stress again, check out Dear Tonight from Brooklyn. also check out this band FLAGS similar to City of Caterpillar, Saetia. they are cool guys and don't live too far from me.

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also playing are:
CT's synth rockers WELCOME

more shows are listed HERE

Moving right along then:

This dude doesn't even get paid to look like a troll! ha

Here I am with my new friend at a medieval festival this summer at Moncontour, in the Bretagne area of France. This day was disneyworld for metalheads. ha!

here I am in france at a pagan site. large druidic rocks. sombre.

anyway... news: in order to have a vinyl release in europe Jonny Steady and I are pressing a "12 Kid Ginseng ep. we are putting it out on our own KRAFTJERKZ RECORDS with help from our friends, La La Land Records. it's going to be a while until we get the test pressings ect. but if you are a DJ who likes Kid Ginseng, bug us about it and we'll give you one for x-mas:) stay tuned to find out which fine mailorders and stores it will be in. it should be available in paris, brussels, den haag. why europe? vinyl is a great sounding alternative to the mp3 and they love it there. they hold electro down, more than anybody besides Detroit or Miami.
that's all for now... next up, Im going to write about the late, great Hot Cross.

:)-r KG!


Claire said...

when is your troll friend coming to visit? please say soon!

Wyatt Weymouth said...

your should deffinitly play a show by me


come to the hague!

wondering about the shirt with the pinkish design?
Who made it?