Sunday, September 2, 2007


I'd be happy to credit this photographer if I knew who. sorry, someone fill me in.

“It is with a dream and a heart that we proceed; not a thought to leave behind not another lifetime we need”- Consonants

All the fans know already, that HOT CROSS is indefinetly inactive. They thank their fans for 7 years of support and say that they need to spend time on the rest of their lives outside of the band. 7 years is a long time. longer than Joy Division was around. Hot Cross have left a good amount of recordings behind them. all of them on the relatively non-mainstream, Level-Plane, besides the latest. The run-on sentences of Billy’s lyrics provoke thought. The music creates an overwhelming mood which is pleasurable to us. They also challenged themselves musically and didn’t get stuck. That should command the utmost respect for an artist(s)

“and so we’re aimless caught behind and left without, it’s worse than morbid and less than funny the way it turned out” - Between Minutes and Miles

Thank you Josh, Billy, Greg, Matt, and Casey

best wishes:)



Their Level-Plane releases can be found at 29north records HERE

The best shirts they have are available from Shirt Killer HERE

order their latest, Risk Revival from MERCH NOW or Equal Vision.

I only got to see them twice, damnit. and they were right under my nose:(

:)-r KG!

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