Tuesday, May 15, 2007

5/15/07 blog debut!

This is my first blog ever. I'm finally joining the rest of the internet music and youth scene. I write and record electronic music and alot of it has vocals, sometimes instrumental. It is my outlet for the many compositions in my head:) you can hear my stuff on myspace at www.myspace.com/kidginseng

here is the website my label made for me Official Website

I play live:

This picture was taken in Jan. '06 in The Hague, Holland, opening for Chicks On Speed

Recently, on may 10th '07 I just got back from Paris and Bretagne, France. I was sitting at Cafe De La Marie, on the Place St. Sulpice, in paris, and I met Jarvis Cocker for those that don't know, he was the singer for Pulp, the best brit-pop band of the mid '90s (in my opinion.) you can listen to his solo music here www.myspace.com/jarvspace it's REALLY good.

here I am in port blanc in the french countryside. The land of druids!

right now Im about to play a bunch of Connecticut shows (see myspace) and teaming up on a recording with vocals by Paul of Hope. He is the singer for Signs of Hope
an amazing, melodic, youth-crew style hardcore band. a great band in CT and nationwide. Outstanding vocals. soo positive. I also have plans for september to record with Anat Ben-David. She will travel from england to the US. She was a member of Chicks On Speed for a while. you can look her up on my top friends on my myspace.

I have also been asked to collaborate with Hong Kong Counterfeit If you like italo disko, they are carrying the torch!

This is a logo for Kraftjerkz Productions which is myself with partner J Steady. He is the first on my top friends on myspace.


my mother taught me how to use this cassette 4-track in around '95 so I could record a casio. I used it's gritty sound up 'till '03.

here is the split EP I did with A Beautiful Lotus. "Her Best Days Outshine Me"


Lyman said...

popped it! ,

how you doing baby? This new blog is exciting, groundbreaking, to your success

<3 your one and only

Kelly said...

Clearly you are keeping quite busy. Can't wait to hear what's coming next!

Anonymous said...

hey robin! lets play a show together soon!


Anonymous said...

Kid Ginseng is skeeeet skeeey skeey

-Ashleeeee :)

Henry said...

yo robin like the new blog... i'm sure your new music will rock, looking forward!

charles birchall said...

great to see you collaberating with all these bands! good luck!

Alexis said...

hey robin! your blog looks great, i should start writing one too... i am glad things are going well for you. life (as it turns out) is actually pretty awsome isnt it?

Anonymous said...

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