Saturday, November 17, 2007

Melt Banana/ Vaz @ Club Europa! BK

photo: Daniel Corrigan, Minneapolas 6/24/07

I went to see MELT BANANA on Nov. 11th at Club Europa, in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. It was a posh place! Melt Banana hit the stage hard with rapid double-time drumming, short, fast guitar riffs, and cute-as-hell shouting. The voice cut so sharply and guitarist, Agata, created sounds which ranged from a recognizable hardcore punk to moments similar to Thurston Moore's. Except these sounds were executed faster and tighter. The opening band was called VAZ,who have been playing with Melt Banana. The vocals are pretty sparse at times and are not verse/chorus/verse, which isn't needed anyway. All three guitarists were playing telecasters. twangy as fuck. They had a sound which reminded me of THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES, or The Minutemen. If you check them out, Vaz's recordings are great. The dirty drums don't intrude on the guitars and all of the instruments are warm sounding. Over-all the night was fun and not boring at all.

Check out this youtube. it's the best sounding version I found from that night. You can easily hear the guitar.

Here are some bad cell phone pictures from that night. They look sort of like impressionist paintings. I'm a blogger without a camera. what are you gonna do:(

And here is a pic from a VAZ show.

I'm going to get a camera:) definitely check out the youtube!

and best wishes,

:)-r KG!

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